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While staying in Albert, you must not miss the opportunity to visit the neo-Byzantine style Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebières. In January 1915, the church was hit by a German artillery shell, damaging the dome and tilting the Golden Virgin, a gilded sculpture depicting the Virgin Mary, past 90 degrees. From then on, she became known as the Leaning Virgin. The Basilica was destroyed later in the conflict and would be rebuilt to the original plans over ten years later by Louis Duthoit, the son of the original architect, Edmond Duthoit.

You will be fascinated by the Musée Somme 1916, the entrance to which is at the foot of the Basilica. This powerfully evocative museum tells the story of the Battle of the Somme and depicts the lives of the soldiers of the First World War.

The museum is housed in an underground passage dating back to the Middle Ages. This became an air raid shelter in 1938, the Henry Potez aircraft factories being a target for German bombing. After the Second World War the passage was closed and not reopened until 1992 when, with the help of a team of volunteers, it was converted into a museum dedicated to the First World War and, particularly, the Battle of the Somme.

Throughout its 250 subterranean metres, you can discover scenes representing the life of soldiers in the trenches and showcases exhibiting everyday objects from that terrible conflict.
Don't miss a guided tour of the witnesses to the past, a climb to the bell tower of the basilica, a walk in the very pleasant city park with its waterfall, a visit to the Jardins du Vélodrome, a look into our industrial past or the opportunity to discover our city’s art deco architecture.
Albert is a city steeped in history.

Somme 1916 Museum

Descend 10 metres underground into a World War II air raid shelter! In this 250-metre-long subterranean passage you will discover the history of the Battle of the Somme, which took place in 1916. Fascinating realistic scenes present the daily life of the soldiers of all nationalities who came to fight in the sector.

(Source : Site de l’office du tourisme d’Albert)

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebières

The most spectacular building in the city of Albert is the neo-Byzantine style Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebières.

It was destroyed during the Great War and rebuilt identically in 1926 by Louis Duthoit, son of the original architect, Edmond Duthoit.

It is surmounted by a statue of the Virgin and child that is covered with 40,000 gold leaves, or 980 grams of gold!

An unmissable gem to visit!

(Source : Site de l’office du tourisme d’Albert)

Remembrance Trail

In 1916, one of the deadliest battles of the First World War took place in the Somme. By following the Remembrance Trail, you will walk in the footsteps of the soldiers from all over the world who fought at the Battle of the Somme, which lasted for 5 months from July to November 1916.
(Source : Site de l’office du tourisme d’Albert)

The memorial sites are accessible every day throughout the year. The Albert Tourist Office also offers guided tours by reservation.

Themed walking tour (art deco, industrial heritage, witnesses of the past)

The Albert Tourist Office offers various guided tours at very competitive prices. Whether your interest is in the historical or architectural aspects of the city, there’s a tour for you.

(Source : Site de l’office du tourisme d’Albert)

Nature Trail

In the Pays du Coquelicot there are 38 marked hiking trails with various themes including nature, memory, architecture, legends, history, aviation, etc.
The Albert Tourist Office offers information sheets with details of each.

(Source : Site de l’office du tourisme d’Albert)

History of the Great War

Two museums in Péronne and Thiepval present the history of the First World War in all its magnitude. The Association Loi 1901, L’Historial was created at the initiative of the General Council of the Somme local authority.

Museum of the Great War, Peronne

Château de Péronne
Place André Audinot, 80200 Péronne
03 22 83 14 18
Opening times:
› From April 1st to September 30th: every day from 09:30 to 18:00.
› From October 1st to March 31st: 09:30 to 17:00, closed on Wednesdays.

Thiepval Museum

8 rue de l’Ancre
80300 Thiepval
03 22 74 60 47
Opening times:
› From April 1st to September 30th: every day from 09:30 to 18:00.
› From October 1st to March 31st: every day from 09:30 to 17:00.

Link to the museums website:


The Little Train of the Haute-Somme

Link to the website:

Photo credit:  © Wikimedia Commons - Manfred Kopka - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

The Captainerie and the Base Nautique de Cappy

Cappy is a town on the Somme River where you can enjoy canoeing, paddle boating, pedalo rides and other boating options.
Rentals are by reservation only: /

Horse riding

Champs Bleuets Pony Club
Chemin du Mont des aigles

Les écuries d’Englebelmer
16 rue d'en bas - 80300 ENGLEBELMER

Our regional heritage less than 45 minutes from the city

  • Amiens (Cathedral, the hortillonnages (floating gardens), the belfry, Museum of Picardy, cinema complex, Le Coliseum sports complex, St Leu quarter, the Maison de Jules Verne, etc.)
  • Arras (Belfry, Carrière Wellington (First World War museum), Musée Royaux des Beaux Arts, etc.)
  • Samara leisure park
  • The underground city of Naours
  • The Baie de Somme (Saint-Valéry, Le Crotoy, Marquenterre Park, the Maison de l’Oiseau, etc.)
  • The Château Fort de Rambures

The belvédères

From the ponds of the Haute-Somme to the estuary of the river, the belvederes (lookouts) fitted out by the local authority all offer one thing in common - a glorious opportunity to discover the Somme River and its valley. You can learn about the environment, history, nature, heritage, landscapes, and the people who live and have lived in this part of France since prehistoric times, including writers such as Jules Verne and Blaise Cendrars, and artists such as Alfred Manessier…

Some 30 belvederes have now been established by the side of the water or looking out over the most beautiful panoramas of the valley. This project was acclaimed by the Victoires du Paysage 2016 national competition with the Spécial Territoire prize.

(Source : Site
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